🥳 Abonneer je op jouw droomfiets voor 3, 6, of 12+ maanden!

a bicycle for the urban everyday life, which..

is compact and fast and at the same time can easily transport heavy loads.
...finally meets the requirements of daily life in the city.
..replaces the car.


The muli is only 195cm long and is therefore compatible for public transport. For example, your muli fits into the bicycle suspension of the German Railways.


You can fit a suspended child seat in the load basket of your mulis within 10 seconds. The child seat allows you to transport up to two children in or against the direction of travel. The seat is free-floating so that it absorbs shocks.


The short wheelbase and compact dimensions allow you an agile driving style with a small turning circle. Your muli feels more like a normal bike and less like a cargo bike. The closed basket offers plenty of storage space!

Rent your muli today and experience the pioneer of compact cargo bikes.

The muli provides a tool that opens up new options for action in urban mobility, so that more people become enthusiastic about cycling and drive cars further away from city centers.